15 Things You Must Know When Searching for Your Wedding Venue

Searching for your venue is typically the first step in planning your wedding. Choosing your venue is a huge step in the planning process https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania – it often dictates the date you will be married, as well as what other vendors might be available on that particular day, and often as much as your colour scheme and theme development! So when you’re searching out your perfect wedding venue, what should you be looking for, aside from “that feeling”? Well let me give you some tips!

Your venue search is a lot more in depth than just booking a space. It becomes an attachment – you start to picture things there, you will picture yourself walking down the aisle, you’ll picture the way your reception will be laid out, you’ll picture your decor etc. There are a lot of decisions riding on your venue choice, so make sure you do your research and ask lots of questions bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania. Make sure to take along a physical checklist and a piece of paper as well – because as much as you think that you will remember everything about every venue in your head, you won’t! They’ll start to get muddled together and you’ll forget to ask certain things at certain places. You don’t want to get lost, confused, and overwhelmed before you even get started!

You want to find a venue that feels right for you and your fiance. You want the space to click with your vision, and you want it to have personality and charm, so whatever you do don’t settle! Your venue is out there, it just needs to be found!
Here are some things to keep and mind, and to be sure to ask every venue! (Forgive the fact that some of these seem ridiculously obvious – people tend to get starry eyed during their wedding planning and forget to ask really important things!)
  1. Availablity - go in with 3 dates that you’re hoping for and then write down 3 dates around that time that the venue is available www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania.
  2. Site costs – if the ceremony is at the same location, is there an additional ceremony charge as well? Is there a built in sound system and microphone?
  3. Capacity - if your guests won’t fit, you either need to cut your guest list or keep searching! Also – be sure to check their maximum capacity while still maintaining a dance floor! A venue may say their max capacity is 250 – but in order to have a dance floor they’ll have to move 8 tables or something, which means that a lot of your guests will be without a table to go back to (which is never very fun!)
  4. Price per person – as well as what that price includes, is the bar included in the pricing? If not – is there a per person bar option or is it based on consumption?
  5. Driving distance (from ceremony, from hotel, from highway)
  6. Is there a bridal suite on site? (somewhere to store all of your stuff as well as your wedding party’s stuff once you arrive?)
  7. Is there parking available?
  8. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
  9. Are there photo locations on site (or close by)?
  10. What is the ambiance and style of the venue – Does it feel like you guys? What will need to be brought in to transform the space to what you’re envisioning? (Are chairs, linens, silverware, china all included? Do you like the chairs, linens etc., or will you be bringing in rentals at an additional fee? Does it need a ton of decor, or does the space speak for itself?)
  11. Type of food service offered – Is the venue flexible with their service options? Plated service, buffet, family style, culinary food stations, full cocktail reception – are all of these feasible options, or are is the venue limited in their service options?
  12. What are the bathrooms like? (SERIOUSLY check out the washrooms before you leave! Nothing skeezes me out more than an icky washroom. Make sure they’re clean and well kept, and have more than one stall!)
  13. What deposit amount is required to book?
  14. Write down your first reactions. When you first walked into the venue – what were your first words/thoughts? What were your fiance’s?
  15. Last, but not least – could you picture your wedding here?
Trust your gut – you’ll know when it feels right. You knew when you found the right partner right?! So follow your instincts armed with all of these questions, and your venue search will be a lot less painful!
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