“Kate was a superstar”

Choosing to work with Kate Vanderlugt and The Little White Dress for help coordinating our wedding was the best decision we made. Ok, Kate didn’t just “help with coordinating” our wedding — she really enabled us to pull it off. My husband and I had 5 or so weeks to plan our wedding as we significantly moved our wedding https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites date up due to concerns about family members’ health. AND, we were planning this wedding while we were living on the other side of the country from where the wedding would happen. We were only to arrive in Ontario three days before the big day, so it was important to us that everything be taken care of and that we and our family got to spend time together and not have to be caught up in the busy-ness of getting a venue ready for a wedding or fussing about details. Kate was a superstar. She was on the ball with our Skype and email conversations. She caught the vision for our small, city chic wedding (held at a nursing home!) right away and she found the right vendors and the right decorations to transform our wedding space into a beautiful gathering place. When a few unexpected things came up Kate was on it and she made everything flow so well. We thoroughly enjoyed our day since we knew we could because Kate was taking care of everything behind the scenes. I feel like we not only found a great wedding planner in Kate, but we also found a great friend. Thank you Kate and The Little White Dress for everything!”

Sonja Spaetzel and Jarrett Gerke ~ August 21, 2012


“Our wedding day was perfect because of her”

As soon as Kate and I had our initial consultation meeting over Skype one evening in January, I knew that she was “the one”. She was supportive from the very first moment and made me feel that all our ideas for our wedding were great ones. After interviewing and meeting with a couple of other planners, who were more traditional in their vision and their scope, I was feeling a little discouraged and insecure about some of the decisions we had made. One planner even questioned me at length about my colour palette of red/pink and blue, telling me that the colours were unusual, vibrant and unconventional when it comes to wedding work. But Kate? She’s young, modern, embraces creativity and fun. She’s perpetually finding inspiration and ideas to share. Her input and help in our decisions when it came to decor and planning made bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites us feel confident that it would all come together in the end. We didn’t want to have a wedding just like anyone else’s. We wanted our day to reflect our personalities, be unique and be memorable. She was perpetually reassuring and she always had our backs. Kate was always responsive and supportive. Her attention to detail is astounding and she always knew the right questions to ask and guidance to give to get this bride unscathed and well-prepared to her perfect wedding day.

She takes charge without ego. We all saw her literally run around in the hot sun on our wedding day and I don’t think she ever broke the tiniest sweat. She handled everything on the day of with calm grace and professionalism. She was unintrusive, but managed to ensure that everyone was exactly where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be, even our guests who were resisting being ushered out of the shade to sit in the sun for our outdoor ceremony on a hot day in June. And best of all? She is hands-on. Kate was the one who got on her hands and knees and marked out our dance floor on concrete with the pavement chalk we bought from Walmart (she is all for creative solutions when it comes to saving money!). She is also the one who appeared out of nowhere to drop tissues on the table in front of me when I got weepy from listening to my bridesmaids’ speeches.

There are simply not enough words in our language to express my appreciation and love for Kate and her team. It may seem that I am gushing excessively, but our wedding day was perfect because of her. I had a hard time picturing how everything would come together, but when I walked into our reception venue, I actually cried because it all looked more beautiful than I ever imagined in the months leading up to our day www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites. Until then, it was just bits and pieces of a vision that had a hard time coming together in my head. Kate was there to bring it to life.

Hiring Kate was probably the best decision we made when it came to our wedding. It is a small investment to make when you consider all that goes into executing your day. After all, you only have one chance to get it right, and the very last things a bride or a groom need to worry about is whether or not the flowers or table numbers are all in position, or whether you’ve left out a groomsman in your seating chart (which is what happened to me!) Kate didn’t let us worry for a single second, which allowed us to enjoy our perfect wedding day with full hearts and big smiles.

Steph and Sanjay Gandhi ~ June 23, 2012

“We couldn’t have dealt with all the details without her help!”

Before hiring Kate to coordinate our wedding, we were anxious and totally unable to make decisions.  We were two very busy people with school and work to manage and in the midst of it all, very little time to plan a wedding.  Would we get married in the Muskokas in March or somewhere in the springtime?  How many people?  What would the theme be?  How would we make people feel welcome and bring those we love together to celebrate with us?  So many questions!!!!!  The decision was easy….we needed help!

By hiring Kate we were able to focus our time and energy on the most important aspects of planning a wedding–we could make decisions with ease and had someone to keep us on track to ensure we met financial and time demands.  Kate helped us to figure out how we wanted us reflected in our day and also knew exactly which vendors to suggest in order to help us achieve our vision.  We couldn’t have dealt with all the details without her help!  She kept us on track from beginning to end!

By working with Kate, we received peace of mind, and most importantly, a day that was truly us!  We are so thankful we met Kate and that she helped us to achieve all that we wanted in our wedding day!

Megan and Cam ~ June 16, 2012


“…what every bride needs”

With only 6 months to execute a wedding day that both Andre and I envisioned, we knew off the bat that we needed help.  We both had demanding jobs and we wanted to truly enjoy our day with family and friends.  I met Kate initially to get an understanding of what services the Little White Dress could offer.  Kate walked me through a consultation and while she remained professional, her warmth and genuine nature really came through.  She was honest with me and indicated that I had all the major items taken care of and recommended her day-of-coordination package.  This package would involve Kate and her assistant managing the details and timing for our wedding day.  While many couples may rely on their bridal party and family to pitch in and help out, both Andre and I wanted them to enjoy our special day.  For ourselves, it also gave us peace of mind and allowed us to wake up on our special day to focus on each other and to celebrate with family and friends.

Kate is a take charge type of woman and cool under pressure, which is what every bride needs.

Sunshine and Andre ~ May 12, 2012


“Without Kate, there would not have been a wedding”

Planning our wedding was definitely the biggest project and challenge that I have ever faced.  Over our 4 year engagement I had started and stopped planning our wedding numerous times…I think we had set about 5 wedding dates. But each time we would set a date I became overwhelmed with the giganticness that was planning a wedding in Canada while living overseas, as well as having our family and bridal party scattered all over the world.  I am a DIY fanatic and wanted a styled wedding that reflected our creativity but was lost at how to achieve any of this while being so remote. I knew what I wanted… but I didn’t know how to achieve it.  Although I had many family members in Canada willing to help me out I knew I needed to find someone that could see my vision, someone who could understand exactly want I wanted, was as detailed oriented as me and was dedicated to do whatever ever it took to make my vision come to life. I also need them to be my eyes and ears in Canada, scoping out venues and talking to vendors, so it was important that I could trust them to make these decisions for me. After my first Skype meeting with Kate I knew I had found my wedding saviour!

Without Kate, there would not have been a wedding! Our wedding was by no means challenge free and Kate stood up to every challenge and worked through each one relentlessly. From my family’s reluctance of having a wedding planner, to venue switching, wedding date changing, last minute photographer scramble, to dealing with unprofessional vendors, to making sure everyone was informed and everything organized, Kate was a wedding superhero! Any one of the challenges she faced for us would have made me put our wedding on the back burner once again. Although I was a very hands-on bride, I took comfort in knowing that Kate was there for me every step of the way and dealing with whatever I tossed at her. I could not have done it without her.

Kate’s attention to detail and passion for what she does took my breath away. The only time I cried on our entire wedding day was when I went into the reception hall to have a quick peek before the ceremony…she had brought my vision to life so perfectly! The entire day was absolutely amazing and went off without a hitch… or at least without us knowing about them.

Not only did she help create perfect memories to last us our lifetime she became our close friend and I definitely miss our frequent emails and chats. My advice to future brides is that no matter how hands on and DIY you think you are, having a wedding planner who knows what you want and is dedicated to helping you achieve that is something every bride needs.

Jen and Luke Ritchie ~ October 1, 2011


“After meeting with Kate I felt a huge weight be lifted off my shoulders”

When we learned that we weren’t going to be able to get into our venue for set up until the morning of our wedding, I panicked! With about a month until our big day I knew we’d require Kate’s assistance for “day of co-ordination”.  After meeting with Kate I felt a huge weight be lifted off my shoulders.  She assured me that everything would fall into place and not to worry.  I knew she saw our vision for the day and would make it come to fruition!

Kate provided us with a stress free wedding day.  Our wedding day was everything we could have hoped it to be and more.  We didn’t worry about a thing as we knew it’d be taken care of.  Kate allowed our day to run smoothly and go start to finish without a worry.

Oh my goodness, without a doubt hire the “The Little White Dress” for your wedding planning needs.  Kate truly listened to what we envisioned and made it come true.  We worked so hard on multiple DIY projects and to see everything set up the day of (by Kate) left me speechless.  It was exactly what I had pictured.  It was perfect!

I required Kate’s assistance much earlier in the wedding process as she would have alleviated a lot of stress.  I found “The Little White Dress” months before our wedding however, my Fiance was not on board for hiring a wedding planner. He needed to be convinced.  After meeting with Kate, he was sold.  He saw the value in hiring “The Little White Dress” right after our initial meeting.  In fact, when I asked him if he wanted time to think about it his response was, “Sign me up”.  Please, have your Fiance meet with Kate before he brushes the idea off and I assure you he’ll be sold!

Marianne and Steve ~ September 24, 2011


“You were indispendable throughout the entire wedding planning process”

Planning a wedding remotely was challenging, I was finding it difficult to make decisions for the venue when I wasn’t in town to check out the places and meet with the people and I felt bad asking friends and family to do this for me.  I wanted to have a smallish wedding within a budget, but it was hard to figure out how to do it.

You were indispensable throughout the entire wedding process.  From our initial discussion about budget and the overall look of the wedding, to the final day.  You helped me visualize the wedding and offered advice on the big decisions that needed to be made.  You helped me find vendors that were good and in my price range, as well as giving me ideas for cost saving decorations on the tables.  You kept me on track with what needed to be decided by what date, and created a detailed schedule of the wedding day so that nothing would be rushed or forgotten.  You were able to meet with the vendors, as I was out of the country.  You have a great eye for design and decorating and I loved all the inspirational images you sent me throughout the planning.  You were a huge help organizing people and solving problems at the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding.  The rain on the wedding day made things particularly stressful.  It was such a relief to come to the venue and see how beautiful it all looked with the decorations on the tables!

It’s definitely worth it to have a planner.  I know that before I started planning my wedding, I assumed that planners were more for large, elaborate weddings, but I soon realized that it doesn’t matter the size because all those little decisions have to be made anyway, and it’s so useful having the advice of someone who knows how it all works! Weddings are more work than I ever imagined, so it just makes sense to have someone there to help you out.

Allison and Duncan Robson ~ May 14, 2011


“…The best investment we made for the wedding”

We had some initial reluctance when considering a wedding planner. Then we had our first meeting with Kate (owner) and we instantly felt relief that seeking The Little White Dress’ services would be the right choice for us. Our wedding planner was very thorough and comforting from start to end. From assisting us with an itinerary and ensuring final details were set, to troubleshooting and ensuring a smooth flow of everything on our special day, she was a God-send! No matter how organized you think that you are, issues will always arise. We were so fortunate that we had a planner who took care of everything with absolute calm and professionalism. We’re sure that most issues were taken care of without us even knowing. This meant that we, along with our family and friends, could enjoy our special day without distraction. We are repeatedly telling friends and family that choosing The Little White Dress as our wedding planner was the best investment we made for the wedding (well besides ”investing” in each other!).

Shannon and Dan Weber ~ September 18, 2010


“If I could do it over I would make sure that I got Kate’s help from the very beginning of the planning process”

A few months before my wedding I learned that I could acquire the help of a wedding planner to be present on the day of my wedding, known as a “Day of Coordinator”. Up to that point I had decided that I did not need the help of a planner but I liked the idea of having a professional present to help coordinate the events of the day. Asking Kate to be present on my wedding day was the smartest decision I made during my entire wedding planning process. The biggest concern I had for my wedding was that I wanted everything to be organized, (or at least appear so because I wasn’t). I had been to weddings in the past where a lot of money was spent on fancy decorations, expensive catering and entertainment but little attention was paid to small details and to the execution of these elements. When weddings are not organized and all the components do not flow together guests become uncomfortable, and distracted and all money and effort spent is wasted. Kate met with me a few times before my wedding to make sure that I had everything I needed completed for the wedding day, and she worked on an itinerary sheet with me which I constantly referred to during my planning.

On the day of the wedding Kate and her assistants made sure that everything ran smoothly and on time. My wedding had a lot of entertainment and special features and I was extremely satisfied with the way things unfolded. All of my guests said that the wedding was wonderful and stunning. But it would not have been so had the wedding been disorganized. Everything just flowed and everyone involved in the wedding such as the Dj, and the masters of ceremonies knew what was going on and what was going to happening next. With Kate’s help my family, friends and I were able to just relax and enjoy the dayIf I could do it over I would make sure that I got Kate’s help from the very beginning of the planning process and not just a Day of Coordination. I would have avoided a lot stress and work if I had her professional help and guidance from the moment I started planning. My advice to future brides is to not attempt to plan a wedding on your own as it is worth having Kate’s limitless service for the entire planning process.

Zeenia and Mark Wang ~ July 17, 2010


“I felt like she was a good friend who knew my style and the way I would want things done”

While we felt fairly comfortable with the pre-planning, it was no question for us that we wanted (and needed) day-of coordination. With an important daily timeline and schedule to stick to, guests from out of town, and emotions and nerves already heightened, we just wanted to be able to enjoy the day and eliminate stress! The Little White Dress did a fantastic job. Kate took whatever time was needed in our consultation meeting, and then our planning meeting to answer any questions and ensure she was in the loop on all essential details. It was helpful to have her be our “eyes and ears on the ground” and ensure everything was ready to go, from the ceremony to the venue – She was there ahead to check everything – While some brides have a friend or family member do these jobs, having The Little White Dress meant it was handled by a trusted professional with experience and expertise, and our family and friends could enjoy the day without extra responsibilities.

We had lots of little details about the flow of the day, and Kate was able to simplify and manage that for us! For the ceremony, The Little White Dress ensured the ushers knew what to do, directed guests upon arrival with coats, helped fix my dress before walking down the aisle (as the bride, you ARE the only one left!), and oversaw a few special lighting requests for the ceremony, amongst other details. For the reception, The Little White Dress was there to ensure everything was set-up the way we wanted. For example, there was a mix-up with the table numbers and seating plan at our venue, and Kate smoothly sorted it out with the venue coordinator on our behalf without having to bother us– as the bride and groom, we had no idea it even happened!

She’s stylish, up-to-date and aware of current wedding trends. I felt like she was a good friend who knew my style and the way I would want things done. I trusted that I’d be happy with her making day-of decisions on my behalf.

Johanna and Taylor McCabe ~ December 30, 2010

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